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  • Adam Hymel
    Probably the biggest band nerd/hardcore Catholic you'll ever meet -- and he's my boyfriend!
  • Cute Overload
    The Cutest of the Cutie McCutersons.
  • Daddy
    The blog that started it all... The daddy of all blogs (at least for my brother and me)... I give you... JapiBlog!
  • Ed Schipul
    One lucky guy with a beautiful wife, three kids, a dog, and some ungrateful fish.
  • Javier Antonio Avellan
    Stuff that interests me.
  • Juanpi
    My little bro. He rules. Don't question it.
  • Katie Laird
    music glitter design junkie.
  • Kimcita
    things that are aged by nature
  • RachelSpeak
    a woman, pushing forty, searching for inner peace.
  • Safety Vision
    We are in the mobile camera business: nothing more, nothing less.
  • Schipul - The Web Marketing Company
    Does your Web site increase your sales?
  • Tendenci
    Great Membership Management & Content Management Software Services.